If you are searching for a criminal defense attorney, it is likely you are facing charges which will determine the outcome of the rest of your life. Your choice of an attorney is an extraordinarily important decision. Experience, knowledge, and attention to detail are mandatory qualifications to practice criminal defense in Tulsa. 

What do I mean by experienced?

  •  50 years of practicing Criminal Law
  •  Experienced Trial Attorney
  •  190 Jury Trials
  •  Over 3000 Non-Jury Trials/Hearings

I provide total defense services for your criminal charges.  Having a knowledgeable lawyer who has demonstrated success in resolving cases favorably is extremely important.  In light of this, if your case merits a trial I am extremely experienced in this arena as well.  I am a trial attorney.

Affordable and Effective.

Many people believe they cannot afford effective, serious private attorney; they have been quoted extremely high fees upfront or absurdly difficult ‘payments’.  My prices are uniform- including payment plans and credit cards.  I tailor my fees based on the specific nature and facts of the criminal charges presented; I know what it costs for representation to be done properly, and professionally.  I use written contracts, so you know exactly how much the total cost of representation will be; no surprise fees midway through representation.  

Everyone makes mistakes in life and my job is to help you put your life back on track- whether it is a minor traffic ticket or an extremely serious felony.

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Fred H. DeMier ​

Attorney at Law