Criminal Defense Lawyer

The Most Common Crime

In the course of a person's life, the most likely reason they, or someone near to them, will need a criminal defense attorney is an arrest for Driving Under the Influence/Actual Physical Control (DUI/APC).  While technically they are different crimes, they are treated identically under the statutes and via prosecution.  As it is one of, if not the most common charges in Oklahoma, I have extensive experience handling such matters.

There is a great deal of misinformation regarding DPS and license revocations.  No matter what an attorney may tell you, the current success rate for challenges to DPS revocations is less than 5% statewide.  That means that an attorney who guarantees you won't lose your license is lying to you.  Ask them to put it in writing that you will not lose your license nor will your license need to be modified.  They won't be able to.

This is not to say that your ability to drive is completely lost.  There are ways around the system which will allow you to maintain legal driving status and are extremely likely to work.  In fact, we can honestly say that it is an extremely rare situation for one of our client's to lose their driving privileges entirely- and it has yet to happen for a first time DUI.  

Another misconception revolves around cost.  There are two extreme (but common) ends on this spectrum.  On one hand there are attorneys who will charge $89.99 for a DUI.  The level of defense you will be getting in that circumstance is suspect at best.  On the other hand, there are firms which charge $7000+ for a first time DUI.  As far as I am concerned that is unethical.  There is absolutely nothing that can be done which justifies that much money for a simple DUI.  I pride myself on being full service, affordable, and fair with my DUI defense pricing.​

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