Over my 50 years of practice experience, I have had great success in representing my clients to the fullest extent. I pride myself on providing the highest quality legal representation possible. 

Please, note that this is only the results of the past few years; a far more extensive list could be transcribed.

The following outcomes are merely an indication of my skills in criminal defense law and should not be interpreted as a promise of a specific outcome. 

Fred H. DeMier ​

Attorney at Law


Tulsa County

Case: CF-17-866

Sexual Abuse on a Child under 12 years, Result: Jury Trial-NOT Guilty

Case: CF-17-1280

Arson 2nd Degree, Result: Dismissed

Case: CF-17-2678

Assault and Battery with a Deadly Weapon, Result: Dismissed

Case: CM-17-2300

Stalking, Result: Dismissed

Case: CM-2015-1330
DUI Drugs and Alcohol, Result: Dismissed

Case: CF-2015-1453 
Count 1: Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon, Result:  Dismissed
Count 2: Assault with a Dangerous Weapon, Result: Dismissed

Case: CF-15-541
Domestic Assault with a Dangerous Weapon, Result: Dismissed

Case: CM-2004-5722 (Retained in 2015)
Public Intoxication, Result: Dismissed

Case: CF-2014-3118 (Retained in 2015)
Domestic A&B in Presence of Minor, Result:  Dismissed

Case: CF-2014-3486 (Retained in 2015)
Sexual Battery, Result: Dismissed

Case:  CF-2006-5141 (Retained in 2015)
Count 1: Manufacturing Controlled Dangerous Substance, Result: Dismissed
Count 2: Arson, Second Degree, Result: Dismissed

Case: CF-2014-5255 
Feloniously Pointing Firearm, Result: Dismissed

Case: CF-2014-2233 
Child Abuse By Injury, Result: Dismissed

Case: CF-2014-2013
Possession of CDS w/ Intent AFCF, Result: Dismissed

Case: CF-2013-1194
Count 1:  Counterfeiting currency: Result: Dismissed
Count 2:  Poss. of Firearm, AFCF: Result: Dismissed
Count 3:  Poss. of Counterfeit Coin w/ Intent. Result: Dismissed
Count 4:  Poss. of CDS. Result: Dismissed

Case: CF-2013-5969
Kidnapping, AFCF. Result: Dismissed

Case: CF-2013-3384 
Count 1: Poss. of Methamphetamine. Result: Dismissed
Count 2: Poss. of Meth w/o Tax Stamp. Result: Dismissed
Count 3: Poss. of Paraphernalia. Result: Dismissed

Case: CF-2013-1874
Domestic A&B, 2nd Offense, Result: Dismissed

Case: CF-2012-4335
Domestic A&B, 2nd Offense, Result: Dismissed

Case: CF-2012-3172
Count 1: 2nd Degree Robbery, Result: Dismissed
Count 2: 2nd Degree Robbery, Result: Dismissed
Count 3: Domestic A&B, Result: Dismissed

Case: CF-2012-3815
Count 1: Domestic A&B, 2nd Offense, Result: Dismissed
Count 2: Domestic A&B, Result: Dismissed

Case: CF-2011-2239
Poss. of CDS, Result: Dismissed

Case: CF-2011-3503
Embezzlement, Result: Dismissed

Case: CF-2006-280
Count 1- Unauthorized use of
a MV, Result: Dismissed
Count 2- DWI, Result: Dismissed

Case: CF-2009-318
Count 1: Poss. of CDS with Intent, Result: Dismissed
Count 2: Poss. of CDS, Result: Conviction

Case: CF-1997-3336
Manufacturing Methamphetamine, Result: DismissedType your paragraph here.

Creek County (Sapulpa)

Case: CF-2015-223
Domestic Assault and Battery by Strangulation, Result: Dismissed

Osage County

Case: CF-2011-1998
2nd Degree Murder: Result: Dismissed

Mayes County

Case: CM-2013-351
Domestic Assault and Battery, Result: Dismissed